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Department of Biotechnology
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 M. Sc. Biotechnology

Objectives of the programme

  • To enable the students acquire knowledge on the fundamental aspects of Biotechnology such as Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology.

  • To facilitate them to understand the advanced concepts of Biotechnology so that the students can take up any challenging career in this field.

  • To inculcate knowledge to the students with recent advancements and developments in the fields of Gene expression as well as silencing technologies, functional genomics and clinical proteomics, cancer biology and modern drug discovery and pharmacogenomics approaches.

  • To impart knowledge on the importance of intellectual property rights, biosafety and bioethics, information technology for biologists, communication and management skills.

  • To augment problem-solving skills of students through industry oriented training programmes at various levels.

  • To supplement the academic input of students by periodically conducting seminars, conferences, guest lectures, workshops, publications of papers, books and so on.
  • To mould the graduates in order to effectively disseminate formal scientific written communications and deliver oral presentation. This programme will in turn sculpt the students to fit into the expectation criteria i.e. strategies to achieve company goals and objectives of several biotech industries. In addition, this programme will enlighten the students to pursue research as their profession.

Outcomes of the programme

  • To enrich the Graduates with solid fundamentals of modern biology and advanced technologies.

  • To enable them to employ the acquired theoretical knowledge as well as hands on skills in Industry and/or Institutes, wherever necessary.

 Ph.D. in Biotechnology

Objectives of the programme

  • To promote Science and to develop scientific fervor in individuals seeking this programme.

  • To produce scientifically sound and ethically sensible professionals in the field of research, academics as well as entrepreneurs and innovators.

  • To provide enhanced training to scholars to help them in securing suitable positions at National and International levels.

Outcomes of the programme

  • To critically analyze problems and to provide fruitful answers that will help in development of science in society and also in discovering potent strategies in medical as well as in agricultural research.

  • To make sure that the scholar is an expert at his/her field of research and also skilled in advanced biotechnological techniques.

  • To adapt to the requirement of other Institutions in a superior manner.

  • To ensure molding-up of every scholar to face the future in a confident way and to cope up with International standards.

DBT Sponsored Post M.Sc., Advanced Diploma programme in Molecular Diagnostics (2008-2013)

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